Engage your audience and monetize without the middlemen

Easy Integration

Add our plugins into your content seamlessly to monetize, we're consistently building new software.

True Ownership

NFTs allow you to truly own your content + find the best opportunities that maximize revenue and engagement.

Guaranteed Payout

Using smart contracts, we ensure that the funds are available to pay out before the deal happens.


Reach unique audiences to grow your business

Foster Partnerships

Form relationships early on with up-and-coming creators. Build tangible reach beyond just numbers.

Reward Fans

NFTs provide brands with rich engagement data and opportunities to reward the most loyal.

Community Targeting

We don't need to collect intrusive data as we help brands target communities directly.

How it works for Brands


Look through our marketplace of digital space rental opportunites


When you see an ad spot that you like, make an offer.


If you win the bid, you'll be able to place your ad in during the time slot.

How it works for Creators


Mint an NFT that is a digital representation of ownership of your space


List the NFT on the marketplace to allow advertisers to bid.


After the ad has been shown on your property, collect the funds.